Frequently Asked Questions from Property Owners

How long does it take to start managing the property?

We will be ready to begin managing your property within the first 24 hours after signing the contract.

How long does it take to find tenants?

There is no way for us to predict how long a property will remain on the market. We will work diligently to rent the property as quickly as possible. However, waiting for the “right tenant” is always worth the additional time.

How do the application fees work?

Tenants must submit a detailed application and pay a fee that enables us to conduct credit checks.

What is the process of determining my property's rent?

We will advise property owners on the current rental market, including its supply and demand, to help determine a competitive rental price. We always set a range and begin at the highest price.

How do you collect the rent?

Rent can be paid by personal check, money order, bank check, or online using a debit/credit card or checking account. Tenants can also set up automatic online payments. Rent payments are due on the first day of every month.

I prefer direct deposits. Is it possible?

Yes, we can make direct deposits to an owner’s preferred bank account.

Do you screen tenants?

Yes, we screen all the prospective tenants in compliance with the Fair Housing Act in order to lower the risk of renting to bad tenants. We perform credit and criminal background checks, and also verify rental references and income.

Can I keep my current insurance?

Please check with your insurance provider to make sure that you have the correct type of coverage. Before starting to manage your property, we need to see proof of your insurance. Your insurance won't cover the tenants' personal belongings. That's why all our tenants must have adequate renters insurance.

What does my tenant have to do before the move-in?

First, your tenant needs to successfully pass our detailed screening process. Once a prospective tenant is approved for a property, they have 2 business days to bring their security deposit. Then they must read and sign all rental/lease agreements. Typically, we require that all tenants take possession of the home within 15 days of paying the deposit.

What kind of inspections do you conduct?

We do move-in and move-out inspections. As per your request, we can do additional inspections.

How are the utilities organized?

Tenants are required to have utilities put into their name by the effective date of the lease.

What if my tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

Our lease agreements contain strict rules about when a rent payment is late and what the fee is for late payments. If the tenant continues to fail to pay their rent, we will prepare and deliver a legal notice to pay or quit. If we determine that a tenant is not going to pay the rent during the notice to pay or quit period, we will file an eviction.

What's the policy for property damage?

We use preventive maintenance techniques using competent contractors & vendors for minor expenditures. We do not contact the owner for these everyday minor maintenance and repair issues. If there are major issues, we contact property owners regarding them. If we cannot get in contact with the owner after more than one attempt, we will use our best judgment in completing the maintenance and the owner will be responsible for the full cost of the repair.

Which reports can I access?

You are able to access a multitude of reports through our bookkeeping software. These reports include regular statements for income and expenses, cash flow, and rent rolls.

Is it a good idea to welcome pets or smokers?

We strongly encourage owners to be open to accepting pets, as long as they are not on our Prohibited Pet List. If an owner authorizes a pet, we charge a pet fee. We forbid smoking in all the rental properties. If we find evidence of smoking, then the tenants have to pay for any relevant damages.

Does hiring a property manager lead to loss of all control?

No, property management means that you can still have a say in every decision that is made. Also, you can choose the level of how much you want to be involved in smaller-scale choices.